The Wizard of Oz Reviewed

The Wizard of Oz was written by Noel Langley and Florence Ryerson and was released to the public February 25, 1939. The directors of this film is Victor Fleming and King Vidor and had a cast that would be seen as phenomenal. Dorothy is played by Judy Garland, Frank Morgan (Professor Marvel [/The Wizard of Oz/Doorkeeper of Emerald City/The coach driver/Wizard’s doorkeeper]), Ray Bolger (“Hunk” [/The Scarecrow]), Bert Lahr (“Zeke” [/The Cowardly Lion]), Jack Haley (“Hickory” [/The Tin Man]).

The story is about a young girl who loves her dog and will do nothing more than keep to keep her mean teacher away from ToTo. A tornado comes and Dorothy and ToTo is not able to reach the safety of the root cellar. She goes to the safety of her bedroom and lies on the bed with her dog and falls into a deep sleep. Thus lands her into Oz which is the beginning of her journey to get back home.

This film was done in chronological order from beginning to end. It draws the audience in at the beginning with her having and her family having a meeting with the mean teacher. When she has to give up ToTo she says she won’t do it but has to. Then ToTo gets out of the back of the basket and runs to Dorothy just as a tornado hits. When she is asleep she ends up landing in Oz and from there it is all about getting home.

Dorothy’s character is built upon honesty and integrity and as she travels through the land of oz she learns from the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man that with knowledge, love and courage all things are possible. People who have a negative attitude loses so much in life as they don’t get the true effect of what it is to have what Dorothy has.

If this movie had been done in words without seeing it up on the big screen you might have not have gotten the full effect of what it was trying to portray. This is a classic and one that has been in the hearts and minds of men.


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